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It is a "sugar-lymphatic care" in Hamamatsu City Salon.
Lymphatic care gently soothes the body.

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Basically is a painless procedure, so all ages can anyone please feel free to visit.
Also held courses on their own can be a practitioner. Please contact us.


About sugar-limpacere



And sugar-lymphatic care or what? That appears to be what many people think.
It is the original tooth doctor SATO blue children teacher is designed for jaw joint treatment.
As a main feature”Do not press the”"揉manai”"Do not pull on”The Institute referred to in General”Not as”So unique and super easy anyone can health beauty method that is.

Encourage the flow of lymph cells while rocking gently, gently touched.(Just to help you)
Anytime OK practitioner remains with makeup without pain, without wearing clothes.
On top of that!! It is remembered the day they made care yourself easily.

Sugar-Lymphoma, "today you like best! "Would you like daily updates ~!

For first time visitors
You can leave the makeup.
* You may touch your face, somewhat fall makeup.

─ about contraindications:
  • During pregnancy, cancer, fever, refuse treatment might be carriers of communicable disease, infectious disease and other serious illnesses, if.
  • Sugar-lymphatic care is medical care, not care.
    Care when the disease is not a 'cure' that. Just to help you with the utmost ease muscle tension, enhance the circulation in the body and often become the body's own.
  • After the treatment, rarely comes out reaction, such as tiredness, dizziness, pain is temporary. When health problems after the treatment, please contact Salon.
  • In our salon treatment is a medical treatment that aims, not to guarantee the efficacy of medicine is not. In addition, treatment after developing the disease is liable because thereof before please please.

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